Many of our customers love that there is a product that can help protect their vehicle’s paint, and they usually ask us what exactly is rockguard. There are a few different brands of rockguard on the market, and all have their own name for what is essentially paint chip protection.

Rockguard is a an optically clear urethane film that provides protection from the damage that small stones, insects, and other road debris cause when they nick, chip, or scratch the exterior surface of your vehicle. Some have described it as clear, very thin, very soft rubber and it serves the same purpose as a vehicle bra or bug deflector but without the visual drawback of such items. When professionally installed, rockguard is virtually invisible.

There are many uses for rockguard, the main one being to protect your vehicle’s paint in high-impact areas, but many also use it on their trailers, RV’s, boats, and even the screens on their smartphones for better protection than standard screen protectors.

The most common areas to install Rockguard on a vehicle are the front bumper, hood, and headlight, areas in the direct path of road debris. Other areas common to trucks are the rocker panels and directly behind the wheel wells, high impact areas on dirt and gravel roads.

Rockguard is also commonly installed on door edges, to protect the vehicle when doors are opened too wide and come into contact neighboring vehicles, which also protects the other car, good news for those of us with kids who couldn’t be bothered to consider such things. Many who need to keep things like wheelchairs or large strollers in their trunk will have a rockguard piece installed on the back bumper.

AllMobile uses DuraShield+ rockguard on all our installs mainly because it’s 25% thicker than other products on the market, which obviously provides even better protection, while still maintaining superior optical clarity. DuraShield+ is also ultra-conformable, making the install process faster and providing a custom-fit finish.

Some more important points to know about Durashield+ premium rockguard films are:

  • High-gloss finish matches OEM paint gloss levels…Even on Black!
  • Enhanced formula DuraShield+™ provides superior optical clarity unmatched by other films.  DuraShield+™ helps keep your vehicle surfaces looking like new.
  • UV stable film is non-yellowing.
  • No special care is required.  Simply wash and wax your vehicle like normal.
  • Improve your vehicle’s trade-in condition and value with DuraShield+™.
  • DuraShield+™ is backed by a 7-year warranty against yellowing, cracking or bubbling when applied by AllMobile Graphics & Signs installer

The applications for Rockguard and specifically Durashield+ are endless. If you have a surface you’re looking to protect from rock and debri damage then you’re looking in the right direction. It’s always recommended that you have it professionally installed, in most shops they will have a pattern program and plotter to accurately and professionally cut out “patterns” for vehicles. Also with a professional installation you will gain the benfit of the excellent 7 year warranty on Durashield+. Hopefully this information will help you in your research of what rockguard is and specifically how the Durashield+ product can help keep your investment protected.