Let’s face it – today’s businesses don’t have it easy. The market in general has become more competitive than ever. It has become increasingly important for businesses to understand and address each facet of what brings customers to their business and keeps them there. Those businesses that have done that successfully are the ones that stay on top.

For many businesses, one of the most important and cost-effective ways of doing so is through signage. To many signage is simply a way of telling their customers where they are or of helping them navigate to the products they need once inside. While those are important elements of signage, a savvy business realizes that there is much more to the picture. Really, effective signage is like a bridge that links your customers to you. It is one of the most important links that your customers can have to your business.

Here is one basic example: Imagine yourself making a decision about which auto-mechanic shop your are going to use to service or repair your vehicle. There are two in your neighbourhood, and you notice that while one has attractive, bright and modern signage, the other has outdated signage that is a little difficult to read with half of the bulbs burned out. Perhaps without even your realizing it, what has that signage told you about those businesses? Where they are located? What type of business they are? Yes, but it has given you even more important information. It has told you about the attitude of the business, their level of professionalism and about what level of service you might expect to get there. It has provided you with enough information to give you your ‘first impression.’ It is that first impression which dictates to most customers what they think of a business and where they’re going to spend their money. If they have the option of two bridges to cross, odds are they are going to choose the one that looks better.

Signage is also extremely important inside of your business for promoting your products and services, way finding, and adding to the general impression that your customers will make of you. A qualified sign shop will help you understand that and will work with you to create attractive, unified and functional signs. Signs that are like bridges helping your business do what it is important that every business do – make money.