Security Film

Security films and window safety films have been applied to buildings around the world. Protect retail, commercial and residential buildings Рany windowed structure Рfrom the dangers of flying glass due to earthquake, windstorms, hurricanes, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft, and accidents. Products including anti-graffiti films and safety/solar performance films ensure that the perfect combination of benefits are available for your building.

  • Bomb Blasts / Violent Breakage
  • Flying Glass / Windborne Debris
  • Smash and Grab Attacks
  • Graffiti, Tagging and Vandalism
You can control most of the destruction resulting from these lethal shards by installing security film to your windows. Easily installed to the interior of new glass or existing glass, the film forms an almost invisible shield that holds glass shards intact when a pane breaks.


A layer of anti-graffiti film is removed after being defaced by vandals. The underlying surface was protected from damage by the easily replaceable film.

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